Diego Sans & Luke Adams in "Serial Fucker" Diego Sans & Luke Adams in "Serial Fucker"

When Diego Sans and his man bun first showed up on MEN.com a few weeks back (yeah, I'm not letting go of the man bun), he played a straight guy hooking up on a app for his first fuck with a guy (Jimmy Fanz), but now in Serial Fucker, Diego plays a guy perpetually on the prowl for sex and Nicoli Cole and Brenner Bolton have both helped Diego feed his addiction, now it's Luke Adams' turn.

I haven't seen much of Nicoli Cole, but Diego Sans has had his hands full with both Brenner Bolton and Luke Adams, they're a couple of power bottoms with voracious appetite's for dick. And ex-gymnast Luke is particularly challenging -- and to fun watch -- as he twists and turns in all kinds of positions to take Diego's cock in new and fun ways.

Diego is surprised when Luke hoists his leg onto the top's shoulder, and balancing on his other leg, Luke continues to take a drilling. Lying back on the bed, Luke scissors his legs so wide that you'll marvel at his abilities. But Diego is no slouch either, standing and holding Luke in his arms and bouncing the bottom on his cock. This isn't only a horny fuck, it's a kind of sexual bootcamp workout.

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