Diego Sans Fucks Jimmy Fanz in "Swipe" Diego Sans Fucks Jimmy Fanz in "Swipe"

I know there are more important things to complain about that a guy's man bun, but seriously, it's one trend that needs a short life. Although I shouldn't criticize anyone's sense of style or what they do with their hair -- I just wore white socks and Crocs to the coffee shop, in mid afternoon, and I even IM'd a picture to my editor who thinks I should start an Instagram. I have no shame. So, about Diego Sans and his man bun, he's debuting in his first scene at MEN.com and he's playing opposite Jimmy Fanz. Diego's a hot stud in every other way and he fucks like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, so I supposed I should just shut up and watch.

Jimmy is cruising a hook-up app and he says that he's seen every gay man's junk within a five block radius, so he posts his pic in the women's section of a straight app and it's not long before Diego hits him up. "Dude, you're the sexiest bearded lady I've ever seen. But seriously you should move your pic." Jimmy starts reeling him in asking, "Did you message me on purpose?" And then Diego gets cocky: "Trust me, everything I do to you will be on purpose." After some more back and forth, and Jimmy's promise of discretion, Diego is on his way over.

Turns out Diego was putting on a smooth act, in reality, he has never played with a guy, so he's not sure about this. Then he pushes open Jimmy's bedroom door and sees his hook-up buddy down on all fours and ready to be mounted. How could a guy refuse a hairy hole like Jimmy's? Jimmy wets his finger in his mouth, sticks it in his butt and says, "Come on, give it a try. It's all ready for you." Not only does Diego ride Jimmy's ass (and very creatively), but he even rims it, and puts Jimmy's cock in his mouth. Tune in later this week when Diego Sans fucks Nicoli Cole in his second series called Serial Fucker. And by the way, if you think I'm off base on the man bun thing, go ahead and give me hell down below.

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