Diego Sans Fucks Jack Radley in "Rumspringa" Diego Sans Fucks Jack Radley in "Rumspringa"

It's Jack Radley's turn to sow his wild oats in MEN.com's Rumspringa. It's the time in a young Amish man's life where he has to go off in the world to experience life outside his community before deciding to be baptised in his faith or leave it all together. Jack's buddy Amish buddy Garrett Cooper has already gotten his ass slammed in the first part, and in this second scene, Jack finds yoga instructor Diego Sans doing his morning routine on the beach.

Jack sets up his towel near Diego and tries mimicking the muscled stud's poses and moves, when Jack falls on his head Diego comes to the rescue. When Diego tries planting a kiss on him, Jack is taken aback at first, then he decides to go for it -- that's what rumspringa is for. Diego and Jack kiss and suck dick right there on the beach, Diego even throws Jack's legs over his head and eats his ass. This isn't a secluded beach either, at any time anyone could walk over the dunes and get an eyeful. But that's another movie, isn't it?

Finally, Diego suggests they go back to his place. They jump in the pool to wash all the sand off their bodies, then Diego screws Jack in a giant lounge chair on the deck. He drills Jack doggy style at first, then missionary, and finally the ripped top lies back with his arms behind his head and lets Jack ride him and do all the work. But Diego can't resist taking over again and he thrusts up into Jack like a machine until the lad blows a gigantic load all over Diego's sweaty body. But Diego's cumshot is the scene stealer -- he blasts straight in the air and right into Jack's gaping mouth. Awesome!

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