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In the latest Hot House video, Dickin' Around, hairy hunk Vinnie D'Angelo and cute blond Max Sinclair get home from the gym just as their roommate, Ethan Wolfe, heads out to a party. This is definitely a time when the old "three's a crowd" addage wouldn't have applied; and poo-poo on the director for not giving us a hot threeway sex scene. But you'll soon forgive the director when you catch sight of Max slobbering all over Vinnie's big cock. What a cock sucker! D'Angelo towers over Sinclair, who is down on his knees, and Vinnie grinds his jockstrapped crotch into Max's face. The smell of D'Angelo's sweaty bulge really gets SInclair horned up and he fishes out D'Angelo's fat cock and starts nursing on it. As much as Vinnie is enjoying his blowjob, he can't resist Sinclair's bubble-butt. D'Angelo bends Sinclair over the leather sofa, lubes up his ass with his tongue, and then, slides his big dick deep inside. D'Angelo makes Sinclair beg for his big dick before giving up his juicy load of cum. And Sinclair squeezes out every drop!

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