Diary of an Escort Diary of an Escort

Sexy French-Canadian stud Gabriel Clark is playing a call boy in this new MEN.com scene called Diary of an Escort. It's the first of a three-part series featuring various guys. In this opener we find Clark going through his diary and making notes about past clients and the appointments that he has lined up for the week.

"There's always one that stands out from all the rest," he says flipping onto Woody Fox's page in his diary. As we flash back to their tryst, it's not hard to see why his session with Fox is burned into his memory. Woody Fox is a good-looking guy with a great body and a big dick and he and Clark have a passionate time together.

Gabriel Clark is normally a top-only kind of guy, but the customer always gets what he wants, so when Woody wants to fuck him, Gabriel squats on the leather sofa and gripes a mouthful of leather in his teeth while Woody pounds his hole furiously. And judging by the huge load of cum Gabriel shoots all over himself at the end, he really liked getting his ass drilled hard.

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