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Ronald is a 27-year-old straight guy from Colorado. And he loves his 8-inch cock. He noticed it start growing at 11 years of age, and he says that by 13, his dick was a lethal weapon capable of shooting long distances. In his Extra Big Dicks shoot, it looks pretty average when he first slides off his boxers -- a little on the meaty side and just hanging above his nuts. But you hardly think that such a cute cock is going to turn into such a large, deliciously thick dick. I do love cocks, they're one of the most amazing feats of engineering -- one minute they're small and insignificant and the next minute a stiff, thick pole is staring you in the face. And the camera gets right in between Ronald's muscular legs and lets us gaze at his thick chunk of meat. And Ronald's a wild man when he cums. He shot his load all over his stomach, his hands, and even got a couple of gobs on his arms. It was flying everywhere. I hope the cameraman was wearing his protective goggles.

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