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Will we never tire of watching straight guys getting boned for the first time? Probably not. Troy appeared on Sean Cody a few weeks back and boy is he full of surprises. He's a 21-year-old Texan who wears tight jeans, cowboy boots, a big ten-gallon hat, and the biggest belt buckle I've ever seen. He works as a machinist during the day and competes in rodeos on the weekends, and he does a little cage fighting, too. When Sean Cody interviewed Troy, the Texan said, "I love girls," he said. "But I've always wondered about guys." Well there's an opportunity! Sean Cody hooked Troy up with Tommy, who is also from Texas. "That makes us a match then," Troy said.

Tommy and Troy talked for a bit, and Troy was visibly nervous, knowing he's about to be fucked by a very big dick. But then Troy had had enough of the chit-chat and said, "So can we just shut the fuck up and can I kiss this guy?" They did a whole lot more than kiss. Tommy lies back on the bed and Troy starts licking, and then, sucking his dick. As Troy leans over the bed blowing his newfound buddy, the camera gives us some nice shots of Troy's hairy ass crack. It looks hot, but it's going to look even better with a big dick sliding in and out of it. There are some pretty hot, mattress-griping moments as Troy feels his buddy's hard cock pummeling his virgin fuck hole. And in the end, Troy really enjoys taking a stiff cock up his ass.

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