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Bentley has a massive cock and he's rubbing it through his dirty gym shorts. The teasing outline of that big monster is enough to get cocksuckers all over the world falling to their knees. Brian and Ethan join Bentley on the bed. Active Duty aims to deflower another butt virgin, but before Bentley gives up his ass, he wants his dick worshiped.

Ethan is openly gay and he loves sucking dick, so he's on Bentley's big, meaty cock in no time flat. Brian joins in and they share this big penis together. These three guys spend some time slobbering all over each other's dicks. But Bentley really came here to get his ass fucked, so he gets on his knees and arches his back. Ethan opens up Bentley's virgin butt hole with his fingers and lots of lube, then he starts inching his fuck pole inside. While Ethan is working Bentley's ass open with his meat stick, Bentley sucks Brian's cock. Feeling Bentley's ass easing up, Ethan starts pounding his stiff cock into his buddy's ass.

Bentley rolls over on his back. They want to see if they can fuck the cum out of him. So Ethan fucks his ass and Brian stuffs his cock in his mouth to quiet all the yelping. After some hard ass pounding, Brian and Ethan decide to blow their loads in Bentley's mouth. As they're filling up his mouth with jizz, Bentley blows a huge load all over himself. Now that's how you deflower a virgin.

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