Dan Broughton & Paul Walker Flip Flop Dan Broughton & Paul Walker Flip Flop

Dan Broughton is one of the hardest working guys in gay porn, but unless you're a regular over at English Lads, you might have missed him. This sexy British guy is the go-to bottom when it comes to servicing the straight first-timers over on the site. Since 2011 he's become very skilled at calming nervous straight dudes and showing them how much fun guy-on-guy sex can be. And he's filmed dozens of scenes for the site giving athletic str8 guys their first handjobs, blowjobs, and anal sex.

But Dan Broughton has been branching out and he's started filming with other gay porn sites. He's a sexy lad with dark hair, a sleeve of ink, and a juicy 7.5-inch uncut cock. And he has just filmed his first video for MEN.com with Paul Walker.

Walker has been filming with the company for a while now and largely appears on Men of UK. His initial appearances had him topping one guy after another, but after he got a taste of Paddy O'Brian's dick up his butt, Walker has been a regular bottom, filming about seven scenes where he gets his ass fucked. In this one called Affinity, Dan Broughton and Paul Walker take turns fucking each other and it's a hot one. I'm hoping this is just the beginning of more of Brougton on the popular gay porn site. He certainly proves that he can give a good fuck as much as he can take one.

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