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Bruno Bond and Damien Crosse are two of the mainstays over at Hairy Boyz. Bruno Bond is a relative newcomer. He broke into the gay porn world within the past couple or years, although he's already got a stack of DVD credits to his name. He's a handsome hunk, not only the kind of man you want to fuck, but a man you want to marry. And his real-life partner, Steve Cruz, is one of the powerhouses of gay porn.

Damien Crosse has been making gay porn movies for quite a while now. He's a handsome stud, too, and he's packing a big cock. And if you haven't seen this stud in action, you're in for a treat, he fucks ass like he's drilling a piece of concrete - hard and fast.

Bruno Bond has six suck and fuck videos over at Hairy Boyz and Damien Crosse has eight videos. And this scene brings these two hairy men together for the first time. They're smoking a hookah pipe, and then Bruno moves down to suck Damien Crosse's big stiff cock. Bruno hoists Damien's legs in the air and slobbers all over Damien's hairy fuck hole. But Damien is the one doing the fucking in this scene. First Bruno mounts his hairy buddy and sits on his hard cock. Then Damien takes over and fucks Bruno doggy style before laying the hairy man back and sliding in between his beefy legs. Watching these two men fuck is pure heaven, and Hairy Boyz has a huge selection of each of them to keep you hard and turned on.

Bruno Bond Sitting on Hard Cock

Damien Crosse Fucking Bruno Bond

Damien Crosse Fucking Bruno Bond

Damien Crosse Fucking Bruno Bond

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