Xtra Inches is the name and hefty dicks are the game. Damien here represents them with the utmost of respect. Sporting a large log fit for any hungry mouth or ass, he's blessed with a real bad boy look. To me he looks like one of those dudes out of a movie shot in East L.A. or something. And to live up to his bad ass personna, Damien is packing one helluva gun. I would say it pushes the envelop passed 8 inches. Thick too. Big enough around to give your fingers a good stretch anyway. Among other things.


Staring into the camera with a mischievous leer, he's pulling on his pud in order to get it big and hard for our hungry perverted eyes. Well I'm up for that! Literally too.


There he is at full mast our boy Damien. That's a nice size I think. Just right. Yummy set of balls too. I could do my best to swallow that and I'm sure Damien would help guide my head to hit all the right spots.


I think our hung latin dude is getting pretty turned on. He's smiling at someone invitingly. Maybe something awesome is coming up. Well Xtra Inches are constantly suprising us. Sometimes it's a sizzling Latin dude like Damien pumping his meat and sometimes you get all out orgies. So to keep on top of what they're doing you'll have to check back there often. I do. He He.

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