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Tucker Forrest has made several appearances on Extra Big Dicks and he's proved his skill at handling big cocks and pumping a hard fuck into a horny bottom's butt. The Men Over 30 guys decided that Tucker would a good addition to the site even though Tucker is only 27 years old. They paired him up with Chad Brock, a rugged, 26-year-old daddy who hasn't lost his taste for younger flesh. As the guys strip naked and get acquainted, Tucker's using his tongue to tease Chad through his underwear. Tucker then fishes out Chad's stiffening cock and swallows every inch of Chad's meat. He swirls his head up and down, making Chad's cock throb. Then Chad goes to work on Tucker's 8-inch cock. Tucker gets down on all fours and Chad preps his ass for some doggy-style fucking. Chad works Tucker's ass at a steady pace, but Tucker wants a taste of Chad's ass, so the horny daddy sits on this boy's hard cock. Chad rides Tucker's cock and shoots his load all over the place. Then Tucker pulls out and blasts his load all over Chad's face. Now that's some hot daddy-boy sex.

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