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At 31 years of age, Cyprian Conners just squeaks through and joins the Men Over 30 ranks. And I'm glad he did. Check out that delicious uncut cock of his. Fuck! What a beautiful dick. His meaty 8 inches hangs freely between his legs until he grabs it and starts working it in his hands. Cyprian is originally from Prague in the Czech Republic. Cyprian strokes his dick and it's not long before it's engorged and ready for a pounding. Not only is his uncut cock big, but it's thick too -- wrap your fist around it and still have room to spare. He leans back against the headboard, spreads his legs wide, and starts pumping his big uncut dick. His fuck hole is hairy and his rosebud is buried deep beneath a dark patch. But don't worry, Cyprian gets down on his knees and pushes his butt into the camera, and his tight fuck hole is a big turn-on. He gets back to business and it's not long before the hot Czech muscle stud is heaving. Suddenly delicious gobs of cum shoot out of his dick and onto his firm abs. He shoots several pearls of juice just south of his navel, and by the time he's spent, there's a nice pool of milky cum on his belly.

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