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I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out Sean Cody this morning. This cute, well-hung stud was staring back at me with his chiseled jaw and geeky smile. Allen is a 19-year-old college student, a freshman who is on a wrestling scholarship. Now here's a stud I'd love to see bulging out of his wrestling singlet.

Allen says that he tried both football and soccer in high school, but he really fell in love with wrestling. Why? Did it have anything to do with wrapping his legs around another stud, or perhaps finding his face being pressed into another guy's crotch. The smell of sweat and testosterone? Yeah, I bet that's it.

Sean Cody didn't get into whether Allen is gay or straight, but I'm sure that will come because I'm positive we'll be seeing this cutie again in some hot guy-on-guy action. Allen has a wonderfully lean and muscular body - washboard abs, plump and chiseled pecs, and a hot, tight ass. Allen is also packing a deliciously long and meaty cock and he jerks off in his first Sean Cody video.

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