Cute Ass Fucking Boys

When Cocky Boys told Jordan they had a hot straight hunk of a mechanic for him to introduce to the wonderful world of man on man sex, the thrill in his eyes was quite evident. Connor was like most straight men who are just about to engage in their first gay experience. He was nervous and had to be convinced that all would be fine. He just closed his eyes and got lost in the bliss of it all. Jordan loves to suck on big cocks and Connor's made him a very happy dick swallower. Connor did his best to reciprocate with a shy BJ himself and did a great job for a first timer. Then it was on to what Connor showed up for in the first place - a good ass pounding. Being straight he is certainly more comfortable being the fucker as opposed to the fuckee. No doubt he was a complete natural as he rammed Jordan's hungry ass good and hard!

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