Jizz Addiction catches adorable twink boy Riley as he's relaxing on the porch one afternoon, and he finally falls asleep. While Riley is dreaming, thugboy Cain walks up and finds Riley sleeping. Well, Cain is horny as hell and really needs a release, and Riley is so fucking cute that Cain can't resist - he opens his zipper, pulls his cock out of his pants and starts stroking it over Riley's face. Riley wakes up just as Cain is shooting his load, and Riley is so turned on that he cums all over himself just afterward.

Here's Riley's dick and balls just after he's freed them from his boxers and his pants. He's got quite a load stored in his balls and he can't wait to shoot every drop all over Riley!


It's a good thing that Riley wakes up just before Cain is about the splatter him with cum because since he's awake, he gets to catch a few drops of thick cream on his tongue.


The sound, feel and taste of Cain covering him with cum drives Riley over the edge - he grabs his uncut twink cock and jerks it hard, spewing his own hot jizz all over himself!


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