As a blogger I see a lot of photos from all kinds of sites and I love sifting through photo sets and finding the cum shots. Sometimes we're lucky and the photographer has managed to catch a cum shot like. And the art of capturing the cum shot is part timing and part "just how it goes." Some guys make a whole lot of noise when they cum, but not a whole lot comes out. Some guys almost seem to squeeze the cum out of their cocks as with a tube of tooth paste - thick, gelataneous, and slow moving, not very interesting to the camera, but still nice to see. But the guys that are a photographer dream are the squirters, the guys who can pump out a load and send it soaring through the air. Sebastien here from Next Door Male is one of those guys. He's got a long cock with a tight set of shaved nuts. He likes pumping it with both hands and he looks so fucking hot with his big biceps churning out a cum load. As he nears his finale, he switches to the one-handed approach. And as he starts to grunt and groan towards orgasm, his whole body spasms. His hips grind his butt into the bed, and then, suddenly a perfect, white stream of cum soars out of his cock. Like a lightening bolt it arcs through the air and plasters itself in between his two hard pecs. When he's finished cumming his whole chest is soaked. Ah the money shot, they're definitely worth hunting for.

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