Fourway Sex

Four buddies hanging out together watching television and having a few laughs. Noah River is flipping channels, when some hot porn pops up on the screen. (Don't you love when that happens?) The guys perk up, and Taylor Pierce starts grabbing his crotch. In true Next Door Buddies fashion, Taylor pulls out his cock. He's not shy and has no qualms about pulling out his dick anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone. Gavin joins him, he doesn't want Taylor feeling like the only horny dude in the room. Before you know it, all four guys are stroking their stiffening dicks together. Quinn dives in for a mouthful of Taylor's huge cock and Noah gets his cock sucked by blond-haired Gavin. Then in a hot fourway fuck scene, Gavin and Taylor face one another and bend forward over a coffee table; Noah and Quinn slip in behind the two exposed butts and start plowing ass. Then the guys take turns bending over the sofa and each gets his ass fucked by one of the other guys. With balls aching to cum, Quinn lies back on the coffee table. The guys each take a turn fucking Quinn's hungry mouth; and then, one by one, they spew their loads all over his muscled and smooth torso. By the end of it, Quinn is covered in spunk!

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