Regardless of what our impression of that island off the east coast of North America is, some great things come out of Cuba. Some of the best bananas in the world, the best cigars, and young 18 year old studs like CJ here. Blessed with 8 uncut inches of man meat and a gorgeous face and bod, EXTRA BIG DICKS' CJ is here to light up our holidays with a wonderful shoot. Nothing too nasty here. Just a sweet latin boy exploring himself and loving the fact that thousands of men will be watching. I love his long hair. I wear my hair long as well and think it's pretty cool.


What a babe. My lord. He's got that look akin to the Cuban people. Very nice looking people in my opinion. CJ is nice and smooth and has a real native look to him. I just love that. Perhaps it's the whole "Tarzan" thing or something. LOL.


Such a beautiful young man. It's so prevalent in this photo too. Big big cock riding up along the inside of his thigh. Chilling out and just enjoying the moment. He's got some mighty nice pecs on him. Ooh baby!


There's a nice closeup for ya of that luscious piece of meat. You could dream about this boy for days. I know I could anyway. EXTRA BIG DICKS are the shizzle when it cums to hot latin dudes like CJ. They live up to their name and pick and choose nothing but the best of the best. That's a fact.

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