Cop Sex

When bad cop Chris Steele finds Michael Soldier jacking off outdoors, Steele decides to get some for himself. Chris Steele is a cop who doesn't play by the conventional rules. He uses his authority to get his cock sucked whenever he can. Steele's a hot fucker - the daddy of all daddies. And if you've never heard Steele run his mouth at a cock sucker, you're missing out. Steele knows exactly how to brow beat a cock sucker into submission. He whips out his big cock and pushes Soldier to his knees, and then, holding onto the cock sucker's head, he pushes his dick deep inside Soldier's mouth. With his cock good and hard, Steele leans Soldier against his black truck and lubes up his ass with his tongue. With his hole ready for inspection, Soldier submits his ass to a deep anal probing with Steele's cock. Steele fucks him hard and deep and there's little Soldier can do about it. And when Steele's done fucking him, he makes Soldier get down on the ground and clean up his black combat boots.



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