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Sean Cody is well known for featuring straight guys and getting them to explore guy-on-guy sex. But not all of the Sean Cody guys are straight. Take good-looking and ripped Brice, for example. "I am more of a complete bottom", he said during his interview." For some reason Sean Cody was under the impression that 19-year-old Brice was a top - maybe Brice told him that during the pre-screening process.

Brice just turned 19 and he said, "Once I turned 18, it was like two weeks later that I got fucked for the first time and since then it's been ..."I'm like a committed bottom". So many gay guys still seem to be ashamed about liking a bone up their butt and often claim to be versatile. But this hot young man is a committed bottom, he loves getting fucked. So he came to the right place because Sean Cody has probably already started lining up his alumni to take their turns at Brice's hot butt.

Brice is also a size queen. "Yes, the bigger the better!" And during his jack-off video he dove right in and shoved a dildo up his ass while he jerked off. Brice has a fair-sized cock and a hot pair of low-hangers. But I do love his tight, smooth butt and I'm going to enjoying watching guys fuck that.

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