Colby Jansen Fucks Zac Stevens in "Big Bro" Colby Jansen Fucks Zac Stevens in "Big Bro"

Colby Jansen has a brand new body and he's back showing it off at A while ago, the Mean Bloggers started mouthing off about Colby getting chubby, but I always thought he was hot. I don't mind a beefy man -- I actually prefer them. He's appearing in's Big Bro series with Zac Stevens. And in case you're thinking Zac is going to get fucked by his older brother, get your mind out of the gutter. Come inside and I'll tell you what's really happening here.

Zac Stevens got himself into trouble and landed in jail. On his release he was enrolled in a program called Big Bro where an older man mentors a young lad and teaches him some skills that will keep him out of jail. "I know you don't like talking about your past much," Colby says one afternoon while they're hanging out. "But if you ever want to open up to me, I'm here." Zac looks Colby up and down and replies, "I would love to be opened up by you." Good one. That's one of the better porn lines I've heard in a while. Zac kneels and reaches for Colby jeans, Colby protests a little, but Zac's mouth ends up on his cock, which is already hard by the way.

And Colby really wants to show us how strong he's gotten. He picks Zac up off his knees, twirls him upside down, and plants his face in the lad's ass while Zac continues sucking Colby's cock. Then, when they're fucking a little later, Colby holds Zac in his arms, and with Zac's legs wrapped around his waist, Colby bounces the boy on his dick. They do some more fucking on a glass-top table, then head for the couch where Colby fucks the cum out of Zac (and it's a big load), then Colby unloads all over Zac's face.

This is Colby Jansen's third video this month and he's got another coming out on Tuesday called The Imposter where he fucks Chris Harder. And don't forget the 4-part series called Bear Weekend, which debuted in April and ended with a 6-man gang bang in Colby's hotel room.

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