In my line of work, I see a lot of cocks. And I'm always fascinated by their different characteristics. I'm not talking about size; it goes without saying that dick size varies wildly from man to man. As many big cocks as I've seen, I'm still always gobsmacked when I see a nice, big fat cock. It's a lovely sight and always gets my cock sucking muscles limbering up. But when talking about my fascination I'm really talking about things like how a cock hangs, how it develops into a full-on erection, and what happens to it as it gets hard. One time, I was sucking this hot daddy's cock and it was really nothing to write home about. As I slipped his soft cock in my mouth, I remember feeling quite disappointed that there wasn't more of it. Then all of a sudden after a minute or so, my mouth was full of cock. Out of nowhere, his cock grew this enormously fat cock head; it was like a small apple. Likewise Ivo's cock here, when it gets really hard it develops this really strong banana curve. I mean look at that fucking thing. If he manages to fuck you with that, you're going to feel things you never knew you had. And that's what I love about cocks ... all 8-inch cocks are not created equal, some just fill you up, but others make you see stars.

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