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I see a lot of pictures of naked men in my travels, and poses like this are among my favourites. First of all, almost every cock looks great from this view, and whether you've got a small one or not, they look big. Second of all, I love sucking cock, so this pose always reminds me of my favourite pasttime. I love looking up at a man while I'm doing my thing and checking the reaction on his face. Am I doing a good job? This is Charlie and he stands 6 feet tall, so there's a long way to look. And he's South African, which means ... FORESKIN! And Charlie is a good-looking man, not just the kind of man you want to fuck, but the one you want to marry. But don't go running to Canada to get a marriage licence just yet, Charlie seems to like women exclusively. Still, it's always fun to fantasize. And I can get the image of this tall, muscular, South African standing over me with his hard cock, teasing me and asking me if I want to suck it. And judging by the load he dumped all over his stomach in his Men Over 30 video, I do want to suck it. What a massive cumshot!

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