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Kent North is showing off his oral skills in Pack Attack 1 in the Hot House Backroom member's area. North is a great cock sucker and he's got five hot bones lined up and waiting for servicing. The guys are standing up on a platform so North's mouth and their cocks are eye-to-eye, so to speak. North works his way down the line of stiff pricks giving each one his full attention. By the time he makes it down to the end, the guys at the beginning are already starting to swap blowjobs -- one guy even sucks his own cock! Then the guys give North's mouth a rest and start working on his butt hole. With a crowd of men encouraging him, Kent North squats down on a super fat dildo and makes it disappear up his ass. With his hole opened wide, North is ready to get down to business and one big-dicked stud after another takes their turn at his ass.

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