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I really love it when the camera gets in close on the action. So this scene from Sean Cody was really hitting all my sensitive spots. Isaac was back for another hot bottom session. Isaac is a 20-year-old stud with an awesomely ripped body and a big-nobbed cock. He's been fucking with guys since he was 18 years old and he loves playing with the straight guys on Sean Cody. "I always have a really good time when I'm here," he says.

Since he did his first jerk-off session, he's been fucked by eight different guys. And when Sean Cody asked him about his preference for bottoming, Isaac said, "Yeah, I love it. The orgasm is just so much better!"

And in this scene the close-up camera work is great. Look at Isaac slobbering all over his buddy's big cock. Gabe has a nice juicy piece of meat and Isaac loves worshipping it. Gabe loves to fuck ass, too, so there are some great close-ups of Isaac's butt hole wrapped around Gabe's super hard cock. Look at Isaac sitting on Gabe's stiff cock! Makes you wish you were there, and these close-ups make it seem like you are!

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