A few months ago Extra Big Dicks featured amazing hottie C-Lo and today he is back in all his sweet, sexy splendor. For those who missed him the first time around, this 21 yr old self-confessed horn dog first became curious about sex in Junior High. By the time he was in 9th grade, the rumor mill had bestowed him the nickname 'The Legend!' One look at the thick 8' uncut monster this hottie is packing, and you can easily see why!


C-Lo's "Legend" hangs down in front of him in such a provocative manner. What a tease! Thick and veiny, his outstanding meat is enough to put any cock-lover on their knees begging for a taste.


Making it with C-Lo on that wooden floor would be something I bet. The surface is probably slippery enough to enable one to grab this beautiful young man's ass, slide it over toward their face and engage in some serious rimming.

The buttocks of a young God! I saved this pic for last because as they say, "save the best for last." This guy is so damn hot I may just have to give myself a tug or two in order to relieve the serious tension built up in my nuts. While I'm off doing that, why don't you check out the review Gaydemon has left on Extra Big Dicks and find out why we feature them so much here. We know what's up. He He.

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