As the Patridge Family sang, "I think I love you!" Oh Ethan, Ethan, Ethan. What a gorgeous hunk of man you are. I love his facial hair. There seems to be a bit of a new trend amongst younger guys that instead of growing a full beard, they let their five o'clock shadow grow for a couple of days, and let their goatee grow for a couple more beyond that, and no moustache. And I think it looks so fucking HOT. This look really suits Ethan. And his lips are adorable. I could kiss him for an hour or more before I even moved to other parts of his body. And Ethan's a tease, too, jumping in the shower and getting his white Next Door Male t-shirt and black underwear completely soaked. Everything's clinging to his hunky body. When Ethan strips naked, his body is gorgeous. Well defined, a beautiful six pack of abs with a hint of a treasure trail running up the middle. He's got a nice, thick cock -- it's a very chubby cock -- and a very healthy set of bull balls -- real low hangers. He lies back on a couch and starts pumping his meat. And at one point he stopped and he flexed his cock. He just sat there watching it dance up and down. Man, it was hot. He jumps in the shower to cool down a bit, and then, he's back on the bed for the grand finale. It's too early in the morning for this kind of stimulation.

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