Charlie Harding's First Ass Fucking Charlie Harding's First Ass Fucking

Charlie Harding is a masculine top, he's only ever fucked ass in his porn videos. But he's the latest exclusive top to offer up his ass in's Top to Bottom series. This scene features Harding's real-life lover, Scotty Rage, in a brief cameo appearance to help set up this scene. Rage has been wanting to fuck his lover's ass and the two men get into a fight about it. After some yelling, swearing, and door slamming because Harding refuses to bottom, Scotty storms out to find an ass to fuck.

Harding is left alone to think about what an asshole he's been. He finally decides that if he wants to keep his man happy (and he does) then he'd better figure out how to bottom. After cruising online for a couple of minutes, he finds Colby Jansen, an exclusive top who is only too willing to teach Harding how to bottom.

The chemistry between Harding and Jansen is on fire with lots of banter and dirty talking as Harding gets used to having a dick up his ass. And once Colby opens up his buddy's newly-fucked hole, Charlie is quite surprised at how much his ass loves cock. And he rides Colby until the top fucks a juicy load of cum out of this new bottom. Colby Jansen has only just finished his first bottom scene and you can see them both over at

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