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Paul Wagner is he's caged and begging for Josh West's giant cock, but he's far from submissive. And West is going to find that out soon enough. In the Hot House Backroom, West starts off aggressively intimidating the eager cocksucker, beating his cage, taunting him with a belt, and waving his big dick in the air. And when West slides his huge dick between the bars, Wagner swallows that monster, taking the whole thing down his throat. Once West thinks he's subdued this slave, he opens the cage. But that's his mistake. Wagner leaps into action and turns the tables on West, pushing the top man to his knees and choking him with his own rock-hard tool. But West regains control when he flips Wagner over to lick his throbbing hole. Wagner orders West to fuck him, and literally forces his beefy ass onto West's monster. West obliges and pounds the hell out of his hole. This is one hot session of who's on top now!

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