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Jeffrey is a 21-year-old, military guy, and he's packing a big, beautiful cock. He's got a lean runner's build and his dick is crowned with a bulbous head. (You can see more of Jeffrey in my Gay Demon post called Mushroom Head Cock.) When he first jerked off for Sean Cody he slipped his finger into his ass and he shot a big load. That got Sean Cody thinking. Jeffrey has fucked three guys already, but Sean Cody couldn't stop thinking about that finger fucking scene: what would happen if Jeffrey had a big cock up his ass?

When Sean Cody proposed the idea to this lean, well-hung stud, Jeffrey was all for it. And he was even more excited when he found out his scene partner was going to be Brodie. This buff top stud has a hot, well-muscled body, a thick cock, and he's fucked a whole mess of guys on Sean Cody. In preparation for this fuck session with Brodie, Jeffrey shoved a huge butt plug up his ass. Hmmm ... what kind of straight guy thinks about prepping his ass like that before a fuck session?

And Brodie is a hot fucker. He loves fucking ass and he's usually pretty aggressive about it. So it turns out that Jeffrey is a moaner and he makes a lot of noise while Brodie is pounding his ass. Brodie kind of likes it, so he fucks Jeffrey hard and deep trying to see how much Jeffrey can really take. Turns out it's quite a lot. When Brodie wanted to wrap things up, he jerked Jeffrey's cock and fucked his ass at the same time. And Brodie jerked Jeffrey's big cock until he finally spewed all over himself. Then Brodie dumped his big load of cum all over Jeffrey's cum-soaked belly. Now that's a hot top stud.

I wonder if Jeffrey has had any revelations as a result of this scene. Most straight guys aren't so enthusiastic and vocal when getting their butts plugged by a big dick. Head over to Sean Cody and check this one out - this one's a keeper.

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