Just look at this guy. I mean, I'm drooling all over myself here. SEXGAYMES sent this image set over to me and when I saw Rafael I was beside myself with shock. I locked all the doors and windows in the house so I wouldn't be disturbed while whacking off to this spectacular hunk. With muscles as hard as steel, a face as handsome as can be and a huge, thick, dark brown uncut cock, Rafael Alencar is the shizzle. I bet your begging to see his meat at full mast eh. Well cum on in.......


That nipple ring and the ink on Rafael's torso really add to the mystique of this incredible man.'s kind of hard to ignore his spectacular piece of manhood as well. I adore the look on his face as he admires his own huge uncut dick. He knows full well what it does to all of us to see him display his lovely self like this.


This latin beast loves the taste of his own cum as is shown here as he licks the pre-cum from his fingers. This penis is tastier looking than a large piece of prime rib if you ask me. To savour the musky aroma of his thick foreskin. To gag on his full girth and deep throat him right to the hilt. Oh man!!


What have we here?!! Not only is this guy ultra-hot to begin with, but when he rolls over he produces an ass so nice I just blew the zipper right off my jeans! My lord, that is one sweet behind. Love how Rafael does a self reach-around and grips his meat to show us how well hung he really is. Well guess what?!! Yep, SEXGAYMES has a video for us of this massively masculine hunk. You really really can't miss this. Watch his spunk fly!!

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