Now that's cool! I've always been intrigued with guys who could suck or lick their own cocks. When you're in the military and horny as hell what else can you do? ACTIVE DUTY bring us all those guys who lead a life of strict discipline and duty. But they're still human and get horny just like the rest of us and need that release that can only cum with getting off. We've got three well hung recruits here who just had nothing better to do than get nasty. It can't get much better than this.


Ever been in this situation? You've got a guy sucking on your meat while another dude plays with your balls? Damn that feels good. It's like every nerve in your body is alive. Every nuance of your being on fire. Shit yeah.


It's a total meat-fest. What better way to while away an afternoon than this? The dude on the right looks like he's having fun just getting a handjob and watching his buddies. Can't blame him really.


Dig deep boy! Yeah, those military boys know how to get down and dirty, And ACTIVE DUTY know how to capture it just the right way. I'm sure you'd have to agree. The concept of young army boys getting together for some raunchy man-to-man-to-man action is just too much. I think I'll have to go hide for a while. Sometimes you just have to release the tensiion. These guys know what I mean.

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