What type of underwear a man wears can make a hot guy even sexier! That's one of the reasons underwear models are considered so very sexy. Sure, they're lean and they're almost naked, but underwear can add a something to a beautiful man and add an erotic touch to almost any guy.

And that brings me to the age-old question: Boxers or briefs?

Boxers are looser and more casual. They have the perception of being worn more as underwear and less as a sexy fashion statement. Some people even consider them more "manly". A lot of latino men wear them and you can see a lot of boxers being taken off in amateur latin sites like Bi Latin Men. That most famous glimpse of the male ass, plumbers butt, is generally portrayed with the plumber wearing boxers and is not considered hot. But what about those of us who prefer blue collar men? What if latin guys, truckers and plumbers turn you on?

And don't forget skateboarders. Those cute slender street guys often prefer boxers because they're less constricting. And even better for those of us who like to look, skateboarders often let a little of their underwear show above their pants.


What about briefs? Urban guys and guys who are always thinking of who might be seeing them in their underwear later wear briefs. There's nothing quite like a hunk in crisp white briefs, the shape of his cock head showing through just a little. Yum! Briefs are also what we see most ads that show guys in underwear wearing - they show off firm buttocks and emphasize a slim or muscular build.

Of course, now we have a popular alternative - the boxer brief. Tight and form-fitting like the brief, and often of slightly thinner fabric for better cling where it counts, the boxer brief has legs like a boxer and shows off a guy's package and butt like a brief. They add that "Abercrombie" look to fit guys.


When it comes to the kind of underwear we like to see on hot guys, one size definitely does NOT fit all!

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