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Jon King was a late bloomer -- he didn't lose his virginity until late in college. What a sexy fucker! This 35-year-old muscle stud is the proverbial brick shit house! Standing 5'11", he weighs 220 pounds. Wow! And Men Over 30 has got Jon King showing off again. When he finally slides out of his shirt he reveals beautiful strong shoulders, bulging biceps, and hard, chiseled pecs. His upper body is simply massive creating that awesome V-shape that looks so hot on bodybuilders. And he looks just as hot from the rear with his hard, bulging bubble butt, even the light dusting on butt fur is an eyeful. And what a magnificent cock. It's crowned with a super fat cock head that would more than fill up any cock sucker's mouth. Jon lies back on his bed and wraps his fist around his stiff cock. When he cums he's not a shooter, but thick gobs of cum ooze out of that fat cock head and slide down his dick pooling over his pubes. Any volunteers for the clean-up grew?

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