Something's happening to the straight men of the world. This whole metrosexual thing seems to be heading in directions we could never have imagined. I used to think this whole "straight guy getting a blowjob" thing was all just a hoax by "gay" porn sites to cash in on gay money. I mean really, when I was growing up none of my straight friends let me blow them. And shit, I got called a faggot for wearing clogs to school, so I could never have imagined that any of my straight high school buddies would have let me blow them. It would have totally meant they were gay. But today's straight male seems to be much more open-minded and willing to explore different sexualy experiences. And I'm starting to understand that having gay sex doesn't necessarily make you gay -- no more than having straight sex would be make me, well ... sick, but you know what I mean. Denny and Riley were hanging out on the couch one day, just shooting the shit. And Denny, who is straight, asked Riley, who is gay, if he was a good cock sucker. Riley says that he never had any complaints. So Denny asks his buddy if he can have a sample. Riley doesn't waste any time. And in a tit for tat, he also convinces his straight buddy to give him a little head before he jacks all over his straight friend's chest.

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