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Not every gay porn video has to include fucking. Sometimes I think gay porn producers are too much into a formula that takes us through kissing, fondling, blowjobs, fucking, and then the cum shots. Sometimes it's hot watching a guy lying back and getting his dick serviced. I love sucking dick, so I'm always into watching a horny cocksucker taking care of a nice dick. There are always techniques to learn from another cocksucker.

Mark first appeared on Sean Cody a few weeks back. He's a 28-year-old, hairy Italian guy. His body is firmly built and his torso is covered with a nice field of fur - hair fans across his chiseled pecs and a faint treasure trail crawls up his washboard stomach. Mark took some time making his decision about doing some guy-on-guy action for Sean Cody. But eventually the excitement of getting his dick sucked by another guy convinced him that this was an experience he should try. It's an entirely new experience and he had not idea what to expect.

Ethan is a bit of a Sean Cody pro now. A few months ago he was approached by a Sean Cody model and his girlfriend while Ethan was enjoying a day at the beach. Since then, he's made seven suck and fuck videos and he's both given and received. He's also been practicing his cock-sucking skills and was looking forward to making Mark feel good.

Sean Cody took the guys to the beach for a little warm-up and getting-to-know-you session. He was completely surprised when the two of them started kissing while sitting on a cliff and enjoying the waves. God, it looked like an ABBA video, the moment was so perfect.

Back at the Sean Cody house, Ethan gets down on his knees and starts sucking Mark's cock. It's a nice cock - not too big, but big enough, and perfectly shaped and proportioned. It's a cock sucker's dream come true. I always love watching the expression on a straight guy's face when he first feels the inside of a guy's mouth. Even if they're not gay, a guy knows what feels good to a cock, and Ethan shows Mark just how much he's been missing.

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