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Nolan is a hot blond guy with a near-perfect body, and he doesn't even have a gym membership. He spent some time in the Navy and he's traveled quite a bit. There's an innocence about him and he's still figuring out where his life is going. He came to Sean Cody to do some exploring, and he's already jerked off and fucked his first guy.

Aaron is a big shooter. The first time he jerked off for Sean Cody, not only did he shoot over his head, but he splattered a glob of spunk right in the middle of his forehead. Sean Cody wanted to see this stud getting his ass fucked to see if that made a difference in how far he could shoot his load.

Sean Cody set these two blond guys up in a bathtub scene. "When was the last time you took a bath with another guy?" Sean Cody asked Nolan. He never has, although he's done some skinny dipping in the pool with other guys. Aaron and Nolan started fooling around in the bathtub and Aaron was eager to suck Nolan's thick cock. Nolan was quite taken with Aaron's butt and had the blond guy stand up so he could rim his ass.

The guys wanted to get down to fucking, so they dried off and headed for the bedroom. Nolan fucked Aaron all over the bedroom. They started off on the bed with Aaron on his stomach and Nolan climbing on top of him. With Aaron's butt hole opened up, they got down on the floor. Nolan lay back and Aaron sat on Nolan's huge cock. Nolan grabbed Aaron and rocked him backwards all the while thrusting his big cock deep inside Aaron's ass. They fucked in a couple more positions under these two blond guys spewed their loads all over Aaron's smooth belly. I sure hope we're going to see more of Nolan and his big cock, he really knows how to fuck a guy's ass.

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