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Beau is a good-looking, blond guy who is studying physics at college. He met Sean Cody several months back, but wasn't able to jerk his big cock on camera because his jaw was wired shut. He had been in a bar brawl and a guy really didn't a number on Beau. So Sean Cody waited and eventually Beau got naked in front of the cameras and jerked his big dick.

A few more months passed and Beau contacted Sean Cody again. This time he told a story about playing pool with a buddy, drinking lots of tequila, and suddenly, they were kissing. Beau indicated to Sean Cody that he was interested in taking his guy-on-guy experiences to a new level - he wanted to fuck another guy. So Sean Cody set him up with Mitch, who has done quite a lot of filming for the gay porn site. Mitch is hot - blond, chiseled face, ripped body, big dick, giant nuts, and good looking.

Mitch has done quite a lot of fucking on Sean Cody, but he has had his ass boned a couple of times, too. And today, he's going to feel Beau's big cock filling up his ass. Beau was pretty nervous, but Mitch took matters in hand. Mitch cracked some jokes, got a round of arm wrestling going in between takes, and really loosened Beau up. And then Beau slid his hard dick into Mitch's fuck hole and loosened him up good. Mitch enjoyed every stroke and by the end of this scene, these two blond guys were covered in sweat - and cum. By the looks of things, Beau did pretty well for his first time fucking a guy.

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