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Man ... 18 is looking hotter and hotter. Nico Hanssen is a studly 18-year-old fresh to the porn scene and Next Door Male scooped him up for a closer look. He heard about the site from a friend, and since he has few inhibitions, he decided to check it out. And Nico jumped in with both feet, wanting to do an outdoor scene. Next Door Male handed him a shovel and told him to start working up a sweat. It's not long before he sheds his shirt. Nico is smooth, which shows off his impeccably ripped torso. However, he does have a trail of hair rising out of the waste band of his jeans; it creeps and crawls up the valley flanked by hard packed abs. It's so fucking hot! I just want to run my tongue up and down those abs of his and get that line of hairy wet. Nico jumps in the pool to cool off, and then, he heads indoors for the grande finale. Nico grabs his thick cock and pumps out a stream of cum that follows that hairy trail and ends with a few errant drops in the middle of his chest. And Next Door Male says this won't be the last we'll see of this stud. I'm betting that some hot, blond stud is going to get his dick sucked on Next Door Buddies sometime real soon.


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