EXTRA BIG DICKS introduce 23 year old Blake to us. Equipped with a naturally wonderful physique, this young fella also carries around one big sword. If you know what I mean. Capable of cutting through any type of sexual hangup, this boy's meat will have you on your knees begging to be fed. We don't get to see it hard until the end and I did that on purpose. Hell, this stud's cock is impressive enough soft, let alone hard!


See what I mean? I love just staring at Blake's soft cock hanging down from between his thighs. It seems to call out to you. Wants you to come close so you can look right into it's eye. That big pisshole that probably tastes amazing.


Now this pic should be an indication of what you're about to see in the upcoming image. This is one big cock. It looks as though Blake is about 8" soft. LOL. Damn boy. I never did get the exact measurements of his endowment, so we'll leave it up to speculation, shall we?


Blake's on his way to a big big woody. I'm thinking we can see it extremely hard over at EXTRA BIG DICKS. I mean, that's where those types of dudes seem to hang out anyway. LIterally. He He. So if you're into sweet young men like Blake here who possess that extra something below the belt, you know where to go.

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