Blake Nolan is such a hot, fucking man. That's him wearing the beard and fucking Francois Sagat. Francois is pretty sexy, too, but for me, he's a little over-exposed. But I guess if you love Francois Sagat as much as I love Blake Nolan, then you'll never get tired of watching him. This scene is taken from Centurion Muscle II. Blake Nolan is the dad-next-door type. He's very good looking with a goatee and beautiful blue eyes. His very well-built with an amazing hairy chest. I can just picture this stud out pushing a lawn mower in the yard next door. It would be pretty hard to focus on your own side of the fence with a man like that working up a sweat. Blake Nolan looks even hotter in his tight boxer briefs with his massive thighs bulging out of the fabric. And he's got a great cock -- just the perfect size for sucking and fucking. With a hot man like Nolan, you're going to want a long, slow fuck session so you can savour it forever. And this stud's got the staying power to make that happen. He fucks Francois Sagat in this scene for quite a long time and in a number of different positions.

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