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I love watching black guys fucking white guys. I like watching guys fucking period. But a black dick sliding into a white butt provides loads of contrast so you can really see just how much of that black cock is sliding into a guy's hole. Likewise, you can see how much the white guys hole is stretching to accommodating this big tool. Oftentimes, when same-colored guys are fucking, you lose the detail, white cocks just melt into white butts. No, black dicks and white butts (or visa versa) really satisfy my hunger for close-up anal sex scenes.

Diesel Washington has done a few suck and fuck videos over at Extra Big Dicks and this week he's stuffing his big black cock into white boy Dylan Roberts. And this scene is smokin' hot. Diesel is usually a fuck machine, but in this session, he shows us his romantic side. The guys start off kissing and Diesel runs his tongue along Dylan's neck. Then Diesel lies back and Dylan starts showing off his cocksucking skills. He opens wide and slides Diesel's 10-inch cock down his throat. Dylan struggles, but he does pretty good. "Let me have a taste," says Diesel, getting down on his knees and moving in on Dylan's cock.

After taking a break and getting his dick sucked, Dylan wants some more of that chocolate dick. Diesel enjoys the blowjob, but he really wants to get his cock inside that tight white ass. So he bends Dylan over and lubes up his fuck hole with his tongue. With Dylan on his back, Diesel slides in behind him and starts inching his monster cock inside a whimpering Dylan. "My God, your dick's so fucking big," Dylan moans. Once Dylan's butt hole relaxes and opens up, Diesel starts fucking fast and deep. Dylan has to get Diesel to ease up, not because Diesel's dick is too much for him, but because Dylan's ass is feeling so good that he's already about to blow his load.

Dylan mounts this black muscle stud and sits on that 10-inch dick. He bounces hard and steady, and this proves too much for the boy, so they move into a spooning position. Diesel fucks Dylan hard and Dylan squirts a healthy load all over himself. Then Diesel pumps out his creamy goodness all over Dylan's face. And just to prove that he can be the kind, sensitive type, Diesel bends down and licks Dylan's face clean. Wow! What a hot fucking scene. Head over to Extra Big Dicks and watch the free preview video.

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