Guys Fucking

Christian was cleaning his motorcycle in the garage, shining it up for weekend a road cruising. Christian has a lean and firm body; he's lean except for a faint patch of hair on his chest and a dark treasure trail rising out of his jeans. Patrick was inside the house and feeling bored, so he headed out to the garage and asked Christian if he wanted to play. Patrick is a beefy, blonde guy; a little more filled out than Christian, but also smooth. Both of these guys are bisexual, so they're up for playing with one another. Christian teases Patrick, bending him over the motorcycle and dry humping his ass. One thing leads to another and they strip out of their clothes and start playing with one another's cocks. They head into the house and swap blowjobs before Christian slides his fat cock into Patrick's tight hole. Christian gives his buddy a hard pounding before they both cum all over the place.

Guys Fucking

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