Sucking Big Cock

Christian is totally bisexual and Wade likes guys. Christian truly is comfortable with either men or women, he just loves sex. Christian and Wade were hanging out with the Next Door Buddies guys one weekend, and the staff noticed these two guys getting along really well. They have a easy-going rapport, always joking and laughing together. So Next Door Buddies fired up the cameras and Christian and Wade got naked. They made out passionately, kissing each other with deep, wet lip action. Then Christian undresses his buddy and sucks his cock. Wade has a beautiful fat uncut cock. It's such a great dick - a big thick slab of meat hanging between his legs. Wade returns the favor, but he really wants to feel Christian's big dick up his ass. Christian has a great cock, too. It's long and a little on the thick side, and Wade loves feeling it slide into his ass. By the time these two are done, Wade is covered in cum.

Sucking Big Cock

Jacking One Another's Cocks

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