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It's funny sometimes how much a guy's attitude about sex can change -- and so drastically. I remember two or three years ago, when I first saw Cooker on Extra Big Dicks, he claimed proudly and strongly "I'm straight." And now this week, he's getting his ass porked by a super cute Kameron. Over the years, Cooker has done a great many solo scenes for the big dick gay porn site -- and why not, at 9 inches, Cooker has a whopper -- but for the past little while he's been exploring his gay side. He still maintains that he's straight, but he has received and given oral sex with another guy; he's been involved in a three-man sex scene; and he's fucked another guy's ass. But this week, Cooker went further than he ever thought possible -- he got his ass fucked! Cooker starts off "small," as it were. This is after all a big dick site, so Kameron's 7-inch cock hardly qualifies as a "big dick," but I'm betting it felt amply big to a straight guy who has never even had a finger up his ass. With Kameron's dick ramming against his prostate, Cooker experiences the joy of his first mind-blowing, anal-sex orgasm. And it's quite the scene to watch!

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