Okay, I admit it. I have penis envy. Who wouldn't want to have a cock like this? Cris here is the latest addition at Men Over 30, and at 31 years of age, he just squeaks through. He's 5'11", 175 pounds, and sports a whopping 9" cock. And before we talk about the obvious, let me get a few details out of the way. Cris is blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a scrumptuous set of lips. He's lean and fit and mostly smooth. And check out his Egyptian tattoo on his right shoulder. When he's soft he's a respectable size with a healthy set of low hanging balls. His cock is sheathed in foreskin. And on the odd time when we see it, his ass is cute and smooth, and his butt hole is shaved. But hands down, Cris's best feature is that monster uncut cock of his. As he gets more excited it lengthens and curls over his nuts. At it's most erect, his cock head swells plump and full, a beautiful pink. And the sweat and precum glisten in the light. He pounds his meat, loose foreskin sliding up and down his thick shaft. He gets down on the floor beside the bed and gets into a full-on jack off session. He's getting close and he's aiming to shoot a big load. He finally shoots all over his stomach and thigh. You're going to want to see more of this sweetheart, believe me.

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