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This is Shawn. His dark features immediately caught my eye. Growing up in an Italian neighbourhood, I have always found Mediterranean men attractive. And when I explored the world a bit, I discovered that Middle Eastern men are even hotter with their dark hair and eyes, and their so very hairy bodies. Shawn seems to run somewhere in the middle. This 24-year-old guy has an incredible body. Standing 6'3" he's lean and very well-built. A swimmer's body with beautiful shoulders, hard pecs, and a ripped six pack. He's got some hair growing back into his chest, so it looks like he's shaves his body regularly. And when you see him in the shower scene, you'll notice that his tight butt is covered in a fine hair. So, maybe this "smooth" guy really his a hairy beast when he puts away the razor. He enjoys the thought of someone else getting off watching him getting off. And he loves watching porn, so he thought why not be part of it. His video opens with him taking a hike in the wooded hills of Northern California. He leans against a fallen redwood tree and slowly unbuttons his shirt. He teases his big cock through his boxers before he pulls it out for a good stroking. But Shawn decides to head back home, where after a quick shower, he retires to the bedroom. Before jacking off, Shawn grinds his cock into the bed -- I love bedspread fucking. It's so hot watching a stud pumping his body like this. And you're going to enjoy watching him pump that big thick cock of his, too.

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