Big Muscle Man

I loved Shay the first time I saw him on Men Over 30, and now he's back again for another jack off session. Having just passed into his thirties, Shay just made the cut for this site featuring mature men. 'I like to fuck a girl, then stand over her and have her open her mouth while I look down and see my cum splattering all over her face,' says the straight porn star. I wonder how this big muscle man feels about a man down on his knees sucking his cock. And judging by the e-mail he generated after his first appearance, I don't think it'd be hard to line up volunteers. I absolutely love Shay's massive thighs. They're huge. Standing up on the bed, he steps out of his shorts and gives us an unobstructed view of those big thighs. And his ass is perfection - bulging butt cheeks and no tan line. He even teases us, showing off his off limits butt hole. But his hard throbbing cock is what we're really interested in seeing. Shay slides his fingers over his piss slit, smearing his precum over his glistening cock head. Lying down on the floor, he slowly and steadily strokes his cock. He's got one goal in mind and within a few minutes, he shooting a beautiful load of cum all over his hard abs.



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