Well with Christmas behind us, we just have the New Year's celebrations to contend with, and then, we're into the home stretch. Life gets back to normal. And I thought I'd bring everyone a little inspiration for the new year. So many of us make resolutions, so I thought Nick Marino here would be perfect to inspire us all to get to the gym. I think the thing I like the most about Nick is his ass -- it's big, beefy, round, and so fuckable. I've always been a sucker for a nice pair of legs and a beefy ass. And Nick Marino has both. Of course his upper parts don't look bad either. He's got big, round shoulders, bulging biceps, and hard, hairy pecs. And with a name like Marino, you know he's going to have an uncut cock. His dick is dark brown, much darker than the rest of his skin colouring, and his foreskin completely covers his whole cock, even when he's semi-hard. He has to pull back his foreskin to show us his deliciously, pink cock head. You can see Nick Marino this week on Hairy Boyz.

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